Trying to focus on getting a brief overview of projects I have done out first, if you want to know more about something or have questions, please comment on the project page.


This was a huge project that took a lot of learning and previous experience I have gained to complete.


I wanted to dive into hydroponics in the cold winters here to grow some fresh produce.

Acoustic hexagon tiles

Acoustic hexagon tiles for the nerd lab to reduce sound and up the nerd factor.

Hanging Server Rack

I needed a network rack for all my networking gear.

Rock Climbing Hang Board

A training aid for rock climbing that you can use to strengthen your arms and fingers while not at the gym. I made this so you can use a cnc machine to cut it all out.

Drill Organizer

Plans for making a Drill Organizer

Kids Pikler Triangle with rock wall

Our kid loves to climb on things so I made this for her.

Lock Decombinator

A fun exercise to brute for a master lock combination if you forgot it.