February 10, 2022
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* Updated at: May 10, 2022

This was a huge project that took a lot of learning and previous experience I have gained to complete.

The Goal:

Official website:

If you find yourself wanting to tackle this project, I recommend reading through the whole wiki multiple times and hanging out in the discord a while before starting. Also head over to Projects by Brian YouTube channel and watch his videos, they are a huge help! It is one of the best communities that I have ever experienced. Everyone there is ready and willing to help you complete your build. 

I decided I wanted an oversize build so I could fit any 4'x4' board on the machine for cutting. Using metric was easier and more planned out vs converting to imperial for this project. My cutting area I did was 1350mm by 1350mm so I would have some spare room for clamping.

There are over 300 holes I had to drill and top for this project. My advise is to go slow and take your time to think things out. My overall cost for this project was just under $3000. It can be done for much cheaper but I went for some nice upgrades in components and size.

This page lays out the exact steps needed in what order to get your cnc built and running. -

I have included a list of everything I bought - Shopping List

Make sure to shop around for steel prices and verify the radius is within the requirements needed.

  Rough steel bought and labeledRadius check insideRadius check outside

Cleaning off steel mill was next:

An angle grinder with a stripping disc worked magic.

Before on the left, After on the right, Shiny!

Laying things out upside down 

Drilling setup - make sure to have good drill bits and taps

So many holes!

Delivery day!

Lining the rails up

Got a deal on this paint.

Watching paint dry

Hardware installed on Y axis

Y axis installed on X supports

Laying out X gantry

Painting setup - wooden dowel through middle

Installing Z components

Drilling spindle mount

Everything coming together


Laying things out - yeah this wont fit

Much better

Din rail mounts for stepper drivers

A mess!

Installed in the enclosure

Hmm I need a table!

Poof! + dog tax

Fit under the table

Moved CNC to the table. Had to remove the Z axis to remove some weight.


This isn't going to fit.

First cut, I dont think it is suppose to be smoking.. (I had to swap a black wire to correct the direction of the spindle)

Not bad for cutting in reverse!

Time for a real base board and spoil board. More bolts needed!

Baseboard installed without bolts

Drilled/tapped more screw holes. I put all the bolts in and but a BB in each so I could lay the baseboard on top and hit it with a hammer. This gave me little dents exactly where I needed to drill the wood.

Getting better!

Spoilboard installed

How I trammed my spindle. 2 holes in a piece of wood and 2 bolts. Spin the wood around and it should evenly touch or not touch your spoil board.

Make sure to double check your Z zero!


Water pump sensor tied to blue light on enclosure. When the spindle turns on, it triggers the relay for the water pump. When water is flowing this sensor will trigger a relay for the blue light on the front of the enclosure.

Dust shoe

Tool Height Setter

Keyboard and Monitor tray

Other Projects

Lock Decombinator

A fun exercise to brute for a master lock combination if you forgot it.

Drill Organizer

Plans for making a Drill Organizer

Kids Pikler Triangle with rock wall

Our kid loves to climb on things so I made this for her.

Rock Climbing Hang Board

A training aid for rock climbing that you can use to strengthen your arms and fingers while not at the gym. I made this so you can use a cnc machine to cut it all out.