I want to be able to provide a recommendation for products that I use for my projects. I do not want to influence you to buy a product because I am paid to do so. All Products recommended here done without compensation by any manufacture. I do not accept any free products for review or alter my reivew. Some products do have affiliate links that will help support the site but that will not influence my review of any product.


Mineral Spirits CNC
Cleaned my steel with this stuff. Seemed to work pretty well.
Scotch-Brite Clean and Strip XT Pro Disc CNC
This takes off all the rust and steel mill
Grease Zerks CNC
These were a little big on the nut part and I had to sand them down to fit. Worked great otherwise but that is the reason for the lower rating
Black purple matte spray paint CNC
I wanted a very dark matte purple spray paint and this was the best I could find
Aluminum Angle Piece CNC
Standard aluminum angle for PrintNC Z
Orange PLA filament CNC
I love the hatchbox brand as it always works the best for my printer
Imperial transfer punches CNC
They are imperial but there is one close enough for each metric hole needed
Extra long bolts and lock nuts CNC
Needed these for the Y carriages
Wet Dry Sanding Discs Hook & Loop CNC
I needed some metal orbital disc sanding paper because the wood stuff I had was not cutting it.
Metric Drill bits CNC
I only have imperial so I tried these out and they cut the steel like butter. Only issue is I had to also get the 4.2mm size separate.
Orange PETG filament CNC
I get great results with hatchbox PETG.
Power Supply Triple Output 5V 24V 12V 5 Amp CNC
Love that this power supply have 3 different voltages I could make use of.
Router bits CNC
I started off getting a little bit of everything from this aliexpress store.
Grease Gun CNC
I went through about 4 different grease guns and hated every second. Just make sure its greased up before using - it feels cheap but even the expensive ones felt the same.
Latching stop CNC
Emergency stop for full cnc enclosure
4.2mm drill bits CNC
They do what they are suppose to do well
Contactor CNC
Don't go cheap on your safety. Get name brand components.
Extra screws m6 bolts CNC
Great deal on these because they were returned
USB to RS485 Converter Adapter CNC
Tried another at first but did not have a GND or common terminal and did not work. I had to swap A+ and B- wires to get to work.
Breaker Fuse CNC
I used this as a safety stop for the stepper motors
Electronics (din rails, blocks, buttons, estop, crimper) CNC
This shop was great to get all other electronics from. I will try to update this will all individual components.
Circlips CNC
Needed this for the bottom of the z axis
Thread locker CNC
Get medium strength so they can be adjusted if needed.
Drill and Tap oil CNC
Cutting oil for when you drill or tap through metal. This stuff keeps your taps from breaking.
Threaded rod CNC
x gantry roller
Stepper wiring CNC
Best/Cheapest 4 core wire with the correct gauge.
Dial indicator CNC
An essential tool to home and square your CNC machine
Better M6 tap CNC
The difference some quality makes on a tap was huge. It made tapping more holes possible without the drill press
Water Flow sensor CNC
I wanted to make a light turn on when water was flowing through the vfd. This sensor with an esp8266 and relay did the job.
Step drill bit for metal CNC
This thing is awesome for drilling through metal. I needed this to drill all the holes in my enclosure.
Light buttons and crocodile clips CNC
Same seller as the other electronics purchases
Grease zerks CNC
Other ones had clearance issues and needed more
Dust shoe bristles CNC
I wanted to make my own dust shoe and these fit perfectly
Extra m6 x 20mm screws CNC
Really increased my inventory of metric bolts with an order from monster bolts.
Countersink m5 screws CNC
I needed some countersink screws for the X gantry cable track supports
VFD cable CNC
16 awg 4 core flexible cable. Expensive but important
Circlip pliers CNC
Found out these things are a pain to put on or remove without pliers!
Carbon Steel Metric Tap and Die set CNC
They did the job but there are better taps. I had to use my drill press manually to start each tap. I am only leaving these on the list of recommendations because there is a lifetime warranty.
Magnets for dust shoe CNC
These were good quality and as advertised but dont seem to be strong enough to hold the shoe on when the bristles are push down hard and the machine moves sideways


Server Rack Rails Electronics
I used these in my hanging server rack rail build


Premium Nail Clippers Misc
If you actually want to cut your toenails instead of ripping them off with cheap clippers. I can't believe what I have been missing out on when I first tried these.

Rock Climbing

climbOn Lotion Bar Rock Climbing
I dont like lotion and I like this lotion bar. A little goes a long way, and it has kept my hands from looking like a climbers hand. Sometimes it goes on sale for $10 @ REI.
Metolius Chalk Rock Climbing
I am pretty sure all chalk is about the same but I really like the sock that comes with this one. I am not a fan of the feel of chalk but the sock helps.
Spinner Gyro Hand Grip Strengthener Rock Climbing
I cant even describe the feeling this thing makes and how much it works every part of your arm. The forearm pump you get from just using this thing for 1 minute is insane. It has definitely increased my strength in my wrist, forearm, and shoulders.
Hand Grip Strengthener Rock Climbing
Really helped me on pinches and crimps on the rock climbing wall
Kids rock climbing holds Rock Climbing
25 holds that work great for indoor or outdoor playground. I used these on a board for our pikler traingle. 4 rating because you cant use the second washer on most of the holds but they are still solid.
Boot Bananas Rock Climbing
I have so far tried 3 different commercial sprays, homemade mix of essential oils, and washing them. Nothing has worked. Until now! My shoes can return from the garage! I wouldn't say it 100% removes all smell but it removes about 90% which is acceptable for the wife.
Nitro Surge Rock Climbing
I love the taste and the "stim" this gives me for my climbing workout. Whether or not I am able to workout longer has yet to be seen due to my fingers wearing out first.