Rock Climbing Hang Board

April 17, 2022

* Updated at: April 19, 2022

A training aid for rock climbing that you can use to strengthen your arms and fingers while not at the gym. I made this so you can use a cnc machine to cut it all out.

Keep in mind a lot of the tools I used in this build are optional or there are cheaper alternatives.

Tools used

Materials needed

  • You only need 1-2 2x4's depending on length
  • Threaded Inserts (M6 x 20)
  • 2x M6 bolts
  • Small 1" thick board for pinch holds
  • 4 washers
  • 4 lag bolts (I went with 1/4" x 4")
  • Wood Glue


I designed this in fusion360, I found an image of a hang board I liked and created a 3d model from that. I glued up 5-6 2x4s  and planed them flat and square. I used the super glue and painters tape with a combination of some long screws as work piece holdings.

I did not have a long enough router bit to cut all the way through for the holes or rounded edges so I finished it up on the drill press and sanded the corners round.

I finished by using the router and a 1/8" round over bit on the outside edges and inside all the holes/pockets. I used a 1/4" roundover for the pinch holds.

Friends liked it so much they each wanted one.

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