Kids Pikler Triangle with rock wall

April 17, 2022

* Updated at: April 18, 2022

Our kid loves to climb on things so I made this for her.

Tools used

Materials Needed

  • 11x 30.5" x 1.25"  dowel rods
  • Sheet of plywood 3/4" thick
  • #9 2.5" construction wood screws
  • Rock Climbing Holds
  • 4x 1.25" drywall screws
  • Your choice of finish (optional)


I started by cutting out all the plywood parts out on the cnc, this could easily be done on a table saw or even a circular saw. I had to sand the dowels just a little bit because it is a very tight fit into the recessed holes of the sides. I used a 1/4" router round over bit to smooth over the edges. I then used the construction screws to screw the dowels securely in place skipping the top 2. I added the support top triangle pieces next with the same construction screws in the holes that were skipped previously. I finished it with 2 coats of polyurethane, any finish would do.

I then cut out a 24" x 38" rectangle out of the plywood and rounded the edges with the same round over bit. I laid out all the holds about evenly spaced. (I got a bit lucky that the long bolts did not hit any dowels but I cannot slide the wall off like I planned to because the bolts interfere. I would have to cut them flush with the board to accomplish this.). Marked the holes with a pencil and drilled them out with a hand drill. I hammered in the t nuts that came with the climbing holds into the back and then bolted all the holds down. You only need to use one washer for each bolt because the second washer doesnt fit behind some of the colors and is really just unneeded. 

I then printed out the custom hook and attached it around the dowel with drywall screws. 

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