Hanging Server Rack

February 26, 2022

* Updated at: April 18, 2022

I needed a network rack for all my networking gear.

I have a Dream Machine Pro from Ubiquiti because I got tired of dealing with routers that would always have issues or need rebooted to be fixed. This beast of a machine solved all my networking issues and gave me great insight into my network. Only problem was I didnt quite have a great place to put it yet. I ended up gettings a couple server rack mounting rail kits and made my enclosure out of plywood.

Dimensions of the 3/4" plywood pieces are:

- 2x Sides 27" x 12"

- Top and Bottom 27" x 19"

- 2x Steel Rack Rail Set

- 1x 3D printed knob/latch

- 1x Cut out access door to a size of your choosing on the bottom

- 2 hinges for access door

Basic box cut and put together

Access Door

Scrap 2x4 to add extra support for the ceiling:

I used a guide to get a exact cutout I needed for the 2x4, this was not 100% necessary and a tape measure would do just fine.

Finished product with a mess of wires. I am half way in completing my cat 6a ethernet upgrade project for my house in this picture.

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